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Our Loyalty Program

Ever since we started, we knew we would only ever be successful if we had regular customers. Regulars are the lifeblood of the food industry, the customers who will tell you straight up when something is wrong but also give you the reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. More than anything they will come back time and time again.

Our loyalty programme started early on, mainly as a way of saying thank you to the regular customers. We started with a burger loyalty card and recently added a street food loyalty card.

It’s simple, every time you pay for a burger or a street food, you get a stamp. It happens automatically on our app under your profile. Once your card fills up, you get a free burger or you get a free street food. Just to say thanks!

We also run meal deals during the weekdays. We admit that this is a bit of marketing to get otherwise quiet weekday action, but also during these times we find that giving genuine bargains to our customers is necessary and the right thing to do.

We currently have four different ways:

1) Tapas Tuesday – this is our most popular program and runs every Tuesday (obviously). Choose three street foods for £10. We like this one the most as it gives our customers a chance to try dishes they might otherwise never bother with

2) Why Not Wednesday? Wednesday used to be a difficult day for us, that hump day, too far from the weekend but still early in the week. This is where we now have our flagship meal deal. A burger, fries and dessert for £10.

3) Monday Munch. This is our most recent deal and combines a burger and a street food for £10

Finally, we introduced our Value Munch Packs. These are larger bundles, designed to make family or group ordering a little more affordable.

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