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What's in a name?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

We have to admit, Love Munch Kitchen is a strange name for a business, but there's more to it

Love Munch Kitchen is our philosophy

We deliberately and thoughtfully chose our name to match how we wanted to be as a business

Love in every dish that we create

We decided that any food we create must be something that we can make with love. That means that our chefs enjoy cooking it, that we add something that's just a little us.

Our cheese sauce is a great example

Munch for our Welsh roots

Munch is an odd word but it is more meaningful in Wales. Everyone loves to go for munch. We don't want to be considered fast food, junk food or takeaway. We also aren't pretending to be Michelin Gourmet cuisine. We are munch. Something special

Kitchen is how we do it

We aren't a conveyer belt making burgers and keeping them warm until the next customer drives up. We are a kitchen, we craft and make and all our products are cooked freshly.

LMK is who we are

Love Munch Kitchen was created by three siblings, Leila, Matin and Kristian, or LMK.

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