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How we do what we do

What we like to think makes us different in LMK is that we believe in three things

Only serve food that you love to eat yourself

Growing up we always loved a takeaway but it’s not enough to just get something greasy, or pile on the sauce or the chips. The quality of the ingredients matter, the flavours matter, the presentation matters. We tell our chefs something simple in the kitchen – if you wouldn’t eat this, don’t serve it!.

So how do we make that happen? Firstly, we cook our food from scratch so that we can control every aspect of it. We work hard to eliminate pre-processed, frozen, or bog standard ingredients. That way, if there’s the slightest issue with any of our recipes, we can pin poin the day and time, and put it right!

Make it yourself or get the hell out of here

There’s a few sauces we use in a lot of recipes, all of which have been created by our head chef, and are made on site in our LMK HQ in Neath

BBQ Sauce, Honey & Sriracha Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Gravy, Cajun Sauce. A lot of eateries will simply buy these in bulk, or “just add water” versions. Ours are freshly made and we test and control every one

Make it a Munch to remember

There’s no point ordering a takeaway and not feeling satisfied. We don’t hold back on portions and the richness of our ingredients. We don’t pack our burger patties with grains to lower the meat percentage. We don’t stuff our chicken with coating. Our crispy beef is pure beef.

That means that even when the portions look a bit smaller, they’re guaranteed to fill you up! When your belly starts to tell you off towards the end, that’s when you know you’ve had a decent munch!

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